'My Ferrari's too slow'

A businessman who bought a brand new Ferrari is demanding his money back because it only goes 175mph.

Berlin businessman Joerg Winterberg, 60, is unhappy his £111,000 Ferrari Challenge Stradale didn't reach the advertised 186mph.

He said: "I could have bought a Porsche for far less and still had the same performance. I want my money back.

"The prospectus promised the car could reach 186 mph, but in reality it can only go up to 175 mph."

Ferrari have denied there is anything wrong with the car and have refused to give the businessman his money back.

He is now taking the company to court after an independent expert also found the sports car could not go at the speeds promised.

German motorists can travel at whatever speed they like on the country's famous autobahns.
by tamarin21jp | 2005-06-30 18:47 |
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